The Royals

Luxury for every age.

Mercedes-Benz Vans

From 2021, closed borders and rolling lockdowns effectively shut down Australia’s chauffeur audience, typical to the 8 seater V-Class van.

In response, Mercedes-Benz Vans turned their sights to the booming SUV market, capturing demand from wealthy parents for spacious vehicles that let large families travel in comfort.

Do wealthy families want to be seen in a van?

But vans have an image problem with style-conscious families. We needed to leverage the Mercedes-Benz badge and reposition the V-Class from commercial transport to luxurious vehicle.

The real advantage of space is experienced in the back seats. So we decided to show off the V-Class through the imaginative eyes of kids: demonstrating that the V-Class offers Luxury for Every Age.

We targeted high-income parents through BVOD, Pinterest, and a Mamamia takeover across display and podcasts.

  • +52%V-Class page visits throughout 2 month campaign period

  • +34%V-Class awareness amongst target audience

  • +64%uplift in test drive consideration

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