The Royals

Love us and leave us


“Till death do us part” is not an oath you’re supposed to make with a financial institution, so we positioned Athena as the champion for mortgage freedom, helping Aussies pay off their home loans faster.

Our aim was to wake people from their “mortgage coma” - a state of “set and forget” when you’re awarded a home loan by a bank and you remain blissfully unaware of how much it really costs you in the long-run.

Athena is the ‘goddess of the good stuff’ and is here to save people from mortgage servitude. Athena is the brand that helps you pay down your home loan faster, so you can love us and leave us sooner.

To make sure the experience is enjoyable along the way, we’ve created prisoner buses, exploding screens, and even some bondage. By adopting such an audacious and non-financey tone of voice with our brand platform; Love us and Leave us, we were able to create a campaign that was impossible to miss and positioned Athena as a fresh alternative to the banks.

  • $345mgenerated in application pipeline within 2 weeks

  • 12%current prompted awareness

  • $3bngenerated in 3 years since campaign went live

  • +7% created awareness levels in 6 weeks

  • Our launch campaign made a significant impact in the market, making it one of the most talked about brand launches ever.
    Natalie DinsdaleChief Marketing Officer, Athena
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