We love prototypes!

We believe in the power of a prototype to apply pure research and enliven hypotheses about the near future. Creating a prototype is a negotiation between needs, wants, hopes and predictions. It requires us to shift from simply hypothesising and estimating, to creating configurations and solutions.

Then as we collaboratively design, build and test we see new meanings for our prototypes, meanings that constantly reveal themselves through dissemination and interaction.

Sometimes the best way to define and demonstrate the disruptive forces at play is to create a response to them.

Prototypes create conversation.
They act as a tangible articulation of what’s barely possible.
They disseminate opinions.
They invite interaction.
They articulate how we see the world.
They make statements and ask questions.
They create a response to the questions the world poses.
They let people touch an idea.
They inspire and fuel business cases.
They show you a small part of your customers’ near futures.

A prototype is worth a thousand meetings.

You can wait for the future to hit you, or you can take the first swing.