“Campaign Beef” on Amazon Alexa

We wanted to mess with parsing an emotional analysis over some of the most emotional ad industry content out there: Campaign Brief comments. So we created a new Alexa Skill called ‘Campaign Beef’! You can ask Alexa for some Campaign Beef and our comment processor looks more the most negative stuff and reads out (or sometimes whispers!) a comment. If you’re feeling totally up yourself, get Campaign Beef on the job. It’ll knock you down a peg or two.

Check it out by saying “Alexa, ask Campaign Beef to give me some beef”!

You won’t be sorry.

For the tech-minded, here’s how I put it together:

There are two components to the solution; the comment processor and the Skill. The comment processor is a recurring job that pulls down the latest feed XML from Campaign Brief. Next it scrapes each article found in the feed and extracts the comments. The comments are passed through Amazon Comprehend for sentiment analysis. Only the negative comments are saved to the dynamodb database. Secondly, the Skill. When the Skill launches it connects to the database, creates a cache of the comments and chooses a random one. Next it replaces any swear words with an “Awooga” mp3, and reads out the comment. Finally it asks the user if they would like to hear another, and the loop continues or exits. The App is written in Node.js, hosted in Amazon Lambda, accessing a dynamodb and using Cloudwatch Events to trigger the comment processor.

Paul B.
Creative Tech, Advance Party/The Royals.