The Odd Couples: a conversational UI experiment

On the back of our ‘Talking to the Machine‘ report, we decided to have some fun exploring what it might be like if we threw two bots into the ring to bot it out conversationally. Our project, “The Odd Couples”,¬†sets two different bots at each other in continuous dialogue, in a kind of ‘call and response’ fixation.

The idea is that in each of the three incarnations, one bot looks to expand on an idea and the other battles for control by trying to summarise what the other is talking about. It’s adversarial and at times slightly hostile. It’s quite often a bit broken, but and then funny.

We messed with IBM Watson because it was quick and easy to get going (after a couple of hiccups) and used Urban Dictionary, Musixmatch and Wikipedia as sources. Urban Dictionary provides the most entertainment but also earned the experience its MA rating.

Go take a peek, don’t take it too seriously but try and imagine future experiences where artificial agents and humans mix, each with different conversational agendas, as they go about their day:

Go meet:  The Odd Couples