Meet Wayne: Augmented Reality Resident

Today, it’s great to welcome Wayne Lee, our new in-house AR Resident. Wayne comes from Deakin University, where he is currently completing a Graduate Diploma in Virtual and Augmented Reality. He will be with us in the Advance Party lab for 12-weeks working on an exciting, immersive location-based art experience. He’s already head-down, getting stuck into ARKit, the development kit from Apple that’s getting a lot of buzz right now.

He joins the Advance Party team along with Lucie, our Research Resident who is with us for 6-weeks to work on the topic of Interior Networking. In introducing you to Wayne, we wanted to ask him a few questions about his study and his interest in AR and what he hopes to achieve from his residency.

Welcome to the team Wayne, we’re excited to have you on board and can’t wait to play this awesome AR application.

1. Tell us a bit about your background. 

I’m from Taiwan, I studied my bachelor of computing and postgraduate at Monash University. Then I worked in the IT industry as a software developer, support engineer and network engineer.

However, after working for few years, I decided I wanted to upgrade my skills as technology was changing very quickly. So, I went back to university, Deakin University, and chose something that I wanted to study that I never had before, and that’s VR/AR.

2. You’re a student of Deakin’s Virtual and Augmented Reality course, what prompted you to study in this area? What’s it been like to study?

Augmented and virtual reality is fun and hot, and I wanted to study something new, so I choose to study this course. I like programming, and would like to see what I produce. So far I’m finding that this course is enjoyable. From 3D content design and creation, software programming, to VR/AR hardware integration, they are challenging but fun.

3. What excites you most about Augmented Reality?

I think it’s quite interesting to see my work visually around the real environment. Imagine through the phone that you could receive and see virtual flowers (or emojis) in front or on your table or around you sent by your friend instead of an eCard or message, is it fun? I believe VR/AR has a lot of potentials in many areas, like gaming, education, and etc.

4. What are your goals and ambitions for your programming career?

I would like to be a professional mobile and VR/AR programmer/designer, maybe one day would like to have my own studio.

5. What would you most like to get out of this project?

In this project, I am very happy to study Xcode and Swift programming on Mac as I did programming for Windows and Linux only (no Mac). And also, I can try out the latest Apple ARKit which will be available in the iOS 11 later this year. I believe I will be learning a lot from this project.

If you’re interested to see Wayne’s work, you can check out his portfolio here. We’ll let know what Wayne gets up to with us later on!

Louise Richards
Program Manager, Advance Party