Advance Party is an active research, prototyping and development team at The Royals. Advance Party’s purpose is to look beyond the next product cycle, identifying trends, technologies and behavioural shifts that will become significant in the next one to three years.

We’re on a mission!

Each quarter we initiate and deliver a series of investigations around a central theme, such as Voice Interfaces, Automated Agents and Synthetic Reality. We deliver programs that helps us imagine and document the impacts these changes will create, and we share those prototypes to facilitate innovation and thoughtful consideration of the future of media.

Current Mission: The Unreal World

Philosophers, artists and stoned teenagers have grappled for centuries with the nature of reality, and the impossibility of ever truly knowing if what we experience as real is, well, actually real. For the first time in human history, we’re looking down the barrel of a world in which, not only are we fundamentally uncertain of what is real, we aren’t even the sole creators of the unreality that surrounds us.

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We collaborate with clients to help find new purpose and utility for the emerging technology and media forms that are changing the ways we all communicate, interact and consume. Oh and we talk a lot about the power of prototyping possibility.

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